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dave and boysHi, I'm Dave a fully qualified fitness instructor & personal trainer. I specialise in fat loss & nutrition. Over the years I have enjoyed many types of training from endurance events, HIIT training, CrossFit & weight lifting. This has educated and inspired me to create some very effective styles of programming.

Edinburgh Bootcamp is a combination of the very best of everything I have learned along the way!

I have warmed up celebrities at big events like the Great Scottish Swim on BBC2 Scotland, Warmed up thousands of people at events like Rough runner, and run fun kids obstacle courses and fun days for local schools, cubs and charity events . I proudly support and work with the schools Active kids program.

I developed my passion for health and fitness about 6 years ago. I now get great pleasure out of helping people make positive changes to their lives and seeing people smash their goals!

I used to not care about what food I ate or how many beers I would have at the weekend, exercise was a swear word to me and I was generally unmotivated in life. I was unaware of how unhealthy I was getting as a young man, so I made a life changing decision - to take back control of my life and shape my future!

I discovered my love for health and fitness and soon realised that this was my future. I love finding ways of overcoming barriers and how to succeed in health related goals. It is not an easy journey on your own.

Today I have helped a lot of people make positive changes to their lives from dealing with stress & worries, to finally getting a good night’s sleep. So many of our everyday life problems are directly linked to nutrition and exercise. Hormones and stress levels can dominate our body and stop us from reaching our goals.

There are so many health factors which can be affected by what you eat and how you spend your time, it fascinates me. I continue to learn more and more every day and will do for the rest of my life!

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Health is the greatest wealth

Monthly memberships

books spreadMemberships start from as little at £24 a month. I offer memberships to suit all, from 1 day a week to unlimited classes. There is no need to book in or cancel a class. Just turn up when you want to any class and get stuck in to an awesome full body workout! What are you waiting for?

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david waines lean fit

For those of you that want a more affordable nutrition plan then why don't you check out my awesome 8 week online nutrition and exercise programme. This is the ultimate fat loss programme with outstanding results.

LeanFit offers you food freedom, no calorie counting and seriously tasty food. Boost your health, fitness and energy with all the tools you need in the comfort of your own home.

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Our top ten most important health and nutrition tips to help you on your way

Drink enough clean fluids

Eat whole, natural, one ingredient foods for 80-90% of your diet

Get enough quality sleep

Get moderate amounts of exercise to keep you fit and healthy

Manage the stress in your lifestyle

Eat enough fruit and vegetables

Make sure you eat sufficient protein in your diet

Understand the calories in your food so you are empowered by what you eat

Don't eat foods that upset you or cause a reaction

Take a few choice supplements to cover all the health angles

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