Bootcamp Classes

Weekday Bootcamps

Every fun bootcamp class will give you an amazing full body workout! You can pick any days and times over the month to use in your membership plan. No need to book in or cancel is something comes up. Just turn up when you want and get stuck in!

There are 3 different classes a week with a rest day in-between to make sure that everyone has time to recover and repair properly. This is just as important as working out! There are 3 classes on each day which will give most people a good chance of finding a time that fits in to their busy week.

Day Breakers

Start your day with us and get those endorphins flowing with our early morning workout!

Monday, Wednesday & Friday


Fairmilehead Park

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School Run

Drop the kids off and come and join us for an awesome workout!

Monday, Wednesday & Friday


Fairmilehead Park

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After Work Crew

Start your evening the right way and shake off the stresses of your day with us!

Monday, Wednesday & Friday


Fairmilehead Park

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What it will cost

Each class is £6 unless on a Gold membership or higher (£5 a class). I offer a set of subscription options to suit everyone from as little as £24 a month! All subscribers can gain access to lots of extras such as nutrition booklets, recipe books, body MOTs, personal training and more

Fit Mummy Bootcamp
The 4 week blocks cost £24 for 4 classes. This includes the EBC nutrition booklets and clean eating recipe book. There is no taster class available on these classes.

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What you need to bring

All you need to bring is your lovely self and a water bottle (I will have some water with me if anyone forgets so don’t panic if you forget one day!).

For outdoor bootcamp you can bring a mat or towel if you wish, and in the winter a hat, gloves and waterproof jacket is advised. For indoor bootcamp a yoga mat could be useful. Other than that the motivation to succeed and change is paramount!

But I’m not very fit...

It really doesn’t matter how fit or indeed unfit you are, it’s not a competition about who can do the most! in fact the majority of the workouts are timed intervals and you do as much as you can in that time. As you progress through the program you will be able to do more and more repetitions (reps) in the allotted time. 

Our Locations

Outdoor Classes

All of our outdoor classes take part in Fairmilehead Public Park, Camus Avenue in Edinburgh. Meet at Fairmilehead Park 5 minutes before your class is due to start. I will be setting up at the top of the hill at the Camus Avenue entrance.

Show me Fairmilehead Park

Indoor Classes

The Fit Mummy Bootcamp takes place in the Buckstone hall of Fairmilehead Church.

Show me Fairmilehead church

Jamie Crawford

Edinburgh Bootcamp is a great way to get in shape and get outdoors under the supervision of a knowledgeable and supportive trainer. David has not only designed an effective programme but he has a great deal of experience of working with clients to help them achieve their goals and is open, friendly and supportive of all those he works with.

Lisa Mallinson

I've been going to EBC since May this year and I've loved every one of them. Classes are varied which helps to keep you engaged and David our PT is supportive, knowledgeable, friendly and encouraging. Well done David I think you've done an amazing job in creating a friendly, motivated group of people all determined to get fit and you are helping every single one of these people!

Joanna Ormiston

I have been attending 3 classes a week for around 3 months at Edinburgh boot camp and I already feel so much fitter and better in myself! Each class is different, with continued support from Dave which keeps you motivated! I couldn't recommend this enough for anyone looking to get fit or lose weight.

Anna McCann

Edinburgh bootcamp is really good - David encourages you with your fitness levels, and it's a very friendly bunch of people. I can totally see a change in my fitness!

Kate Swinburne

After really enjoying the bootcamp classes, I booked a personal training session for me and my sister and I really cannot recommend David highly enough. He is so positive and enthusiastic. If you're worried that personal training is only for super fit people, worry not.

Monthly memberships

books spreadMemberships start from as little at £24 a month. I offer memberships to suit all, from 1 day a week to unlimited classes. There is no need to book in or cancel a class. Just turn up when you want to any class and get stuck in to an awesome full body workout! What are you waiting for?

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Fitness = Fun

Fitness is my passion but I find the gym can often be very tedious and BORING! I want to create something different and fun for my members. Come and join our community and get in shape in Edinburgh Bootcamp style!

Test your Limits

My workouts are constantly varied, always fun and they will test you to your limits. They are designed specifically for fat loss and muscle toning so you will not be disappointed when you see the changes your body will go through.

All Levels Welcome

Don't be afraid if you are a beginner! I am highly experienced in training all levels of fitness- I will make sure you are training to your own ability - no more and no less. All moves can be scaled if needed but that doesn't mean you won't be working just as hard as the person beside you.

Contact Me

If you would like to ask me anything health and fitness related, just get in touch and I'll get back to you as soon as I can't. Don't be shy!

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