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Hi, I'm Dave!

Creating this page has been an intriguing exercise as I am forced to describe myself and who I am, which is not always an easy thing to put into words on paper. I could list my qualifications and talk about what I think you want to hear but that doesn’t feel right! So here is me in a paragraph:

Firstly, I am a proud dad to two amazing boys, Harrison and Benji. We are the 3 bootcamp boys!

I would say that I am a very positive and energetic person. I have always been blessed with a fire of positive energy inside me and I am known for bringing this vibe into everything I do. I have found a way to make exercise fun but rewarding, tough but enjoyable. 

I have coined the term ‘Brutally Good’, which is how I would describe my exercise approach. 

If you would like to read the long and boring story of how I turned my life around, then click below and you can hear the story of what made me who I am today. If not, carry on through the website and book in for a free class!

David Waine
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Right, (I feel like Spiderman re-telling for the hundredth time the story of how he was bitten by a radioactive spider!) I will try and keep this short, here we go:

I have been a fully qualified personal trainer since 2016 and I have a lot of experience in helping people transform their lives through nutrition, exercise and lifestyle changes.

Before I moved to Edinburgh, I enjoyed a few years of Crossfit and was in awe of how far people push themselves and how amazing it feels to smash out a tough workout! I started Edinburgh Bootcamp after working in a gym as a PT and quickly realised that the gym floor didn’t quite fit the vibe l was trying to create. I love group classes and the camaraderie that comes with it!

As I started to realise a bit more about myself and what I would like to achieve, in April 2016 I started my outdoor bootcamp in Fairmilehead park. I put my heart and soul into every class and worked hard on creating a bootcamp community in the area; similar to the Crossfit vibe I was used to back at Crossfit Wycombe. 

Now, after over 5000 classes in the park and almost 9 years later, we have such a strong community of amazing people who have been coming for most of the years of the bootcamp! 80% of members have been there since the beginning. I have never met such an awesome bunch of people in my life!

I am very proud of the bootcamp family we have in Fairmilehead park; these amazing people are like a family to me. We have been through multiple winters together in the dark, rain, snow. We have enjoyed many social events and all of us have made friends for life through joining EBC.

I have since developed the personal training side of EBC with my own private studio close to the bootcamp. I have also been a qualified sports massage therapist since 2018. I specialised in plant-based nutrition and had my own online nutrition program in the early days of bootcamp. This is where I wanted to complete what I offer for all 3 parts – Health – Fitness – Recovery, which is my tag line.

I was never into fitness, health or looking after myself through my teens or 20’s. I never did sports at school and was the opposite to what people think when they see me now. I lived many years 20 kilos overweight and used to have very unhealthy habits, exercising does not come naturally to me. It was a fight to break that cycle and make such a huge change.

I have been through countless fad diets and fallen off the wagon more times than I care to mention. This has given me valuable life experience that I now use to help others reach their goals and feel amazing every day. It is not easy!

My age is my why, my age has always pushed me into the healthier way of life. The older I get, the harder I am working to get stronger, fitter and healthier. I have totally transformed my life, my mindset and my attitude in the last 12 years and I am still a work in progress! 

I have successfully lost those 20 kilos and kept them long gone through lifestyle and mindset changes. I got my lazy arse up every day and personally trained myself to go from never running or working out to completing multiple ultra marathons, completed multiple obstacle course races and I am currently successfully building muscle and losing body fat in my 40’s. It is never too late to make positive changes to yourself.

This is my life now and I love what I do! I get great pleasure out of running my classes, training my personal clients and helping people smash through any barriers to their success!

Being strong and healthy is so much easier when you enjoy the process, the journey. This is where I shine, I can help you enjoy the path to your results and make it enjoyable.


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Claire Cockburn

Dave is a great trainer. Very positive and encouraging but also manages to get you to work hard in classes. He always has an option for anyone if needed too. I recommend the bootcamp classes to everyone!

Fantastic class. I run regularly and of late I kept developing plantar fasciitis so something had to change. That’s where I found Bootcamp. Reduced the running a bit and feeling so much stronger! Love it!

Great class with a good vibe and nice people. The level of difficulty is adaptable to your needs and can accommodate anything from average to very fit people. The teacher always makes the class, and Dave is great: encouraging, approachable and corrects poor technique. Highly recommended!

Tough, but fun and varied outdoor workouts. Great motivation and instruction from Dave. I have been going to bootcamp classes for five years and highly recommend

Johan Stewart

100% recommend Dave. Amazing instructor. Upbeat, fun and always a proper workout. I started off with some personal training first, now attending outdoor bootcamp classes, and also indoor classes. Community vibe and spirit spot on! Highly recommend

Edinburgh Bootcamp has been such a positive experience. I initially joined to support my yoga practice with weights and conditioning but what I found was a community of great people. Dave's enthusiasm is contagious - even at 6:15am!! He keeps things challenging but fun and is a very knowledgeable PT.

Dave is a great trainer and great guy. He is a great motivator and I would recommend him if you want to improve your fitness.

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Our top ten most important health and nutrition tips to help you on your way

Drink enough clean fluids

Eat whole, natural, one ingredient foods for 80-90% of your diet

Get enough quality sleep

Get moderate amounts of exercise to keep you fit and healthy

Manage the stress in your lifestyle

Eat enough fruit and vegetables

Make sure you have enough fibre and starch in your diet

Understand the calories in your food so you are empowered by what you eat

Don't eat foods that upset you or cause a reaction

Take a few choice supplements to cover all the health angles

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