Outdoor & Online Bootcamp Classes

Cancel your membership at anytime, no contracts!

Flexible Memberships:

If you can not make a class each week then fine to do 2 classes one week and miss the next week etc.  You do not have to do exactly 1 class a week or 3 classes a week. 

Use the monthly limit to fit your classes in when you can.


Bronze Membership
  • £24 (billed every 4 weeks)
  • 1 class a week = 4 classes a month to use over the month
  • EBC Nutrition Bible & clean eating recipe book


Silver Membership
  • £48 (billed every 4 weeks)
  • 2 classes a week = 8 classes a month to use over the month
  • EBC Nutrition Bible & Clean Eating Recipe book


Gold Membership
  • £60 (billed every 4 weeks)
  • Unlimted classes each week 
  • EBC Nutrition Bible & Clean Eating Recipe Book
  • Body MOT every 8-12 weeks


Online Membership
  • First 28 days FREE! Then £24 (billed every 4 weeks)
  • 4 new classes every week - 16 a month!
  • Workouts saved to use anytime, anywhere for your convenience 
  • Gain unlimited access to 80 saved lockdown workouts to use anytime
  • EBC nutrition bible & clean eating recipe book
  • Special offer - 50% off for exisiting members - only £12 every 4 weeks!


These classes run on a 4-week block system and you pay via online transfer, cash or card at the class. 

Each block cost £24 (Fit Mummy) or £20 (Beginners) for 4 classes. This includes the EBC nutrition booklets and clean eating recipe book. There is no taster class available on these classes.

Beginners & Fit Mummy Membership
  • All monthly memberships run on a 28 day cycle and will renew automatically from the card you use to join up with.
  • You need to update your card details if your card expires, you will receive a reminder to do this.
  • First 28 days is free on the online monthly memberships
  • If you have a membership to an outdoor class or Fit mummy bootcamp and you are on a £12 a month online membership also, you will only get this special price whilst your other memberships are active. Cancelling the other memberships will void your 50% off.

Monthly memberships

books spreadMemberships start from as little at £24 a month. I offer memberships to suit all, from 1 day a week to unlimited classes. There is no need to book in or cancel a class. Just turn up when you want to any class and get stuck in to an awesome full body workout! What are you waiting for?

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leanfit pbn

LeanFit is for anyone who is serious about their health.

Ultimate long-term sustainable weight loss - 8 week online nutrition & exercise plans - Lifetime subscription - Ongoing help & support.

LeanFit is truly life changing!

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